Harry Bartlam – Film and TV – 16/18

Unit 11 Project

Who Am I?

For my mind map I wanted to show what represented me as a person and how my work has developed to this point. One of my main intentions was to show my thoughts with images rather than just using words. I wanted to use a very visual style that would easily show what has impacted me and has contributed to who I am today. At the top left of the mind map I have given reference to my influences. Out of the two, I feel that Gary Vaynerchuk has been the most influential. Gary Vaynerchuk is CEO of Vayner Media (VaynerMedia, 2018) a marketing agency that helps brands get the most out of their marketing campaigns. Over the last two years I have been watching Gary’s YouTube content that shows his day to day life as a CEO of a multimillion dollar company. As well as this he is host of a show called ask The Gary Vee Show (Vaynerchuk, 2015) where he answers a wide variety of business questions asked by his online followers. This has helped me become more knowledgeable of how I can use social media to get freelance work.

Who am i

To the right of Gary Vaynerchuk is Chris Do. Chris is the founder and CEO of branding consultancy Blind Founded in 1995, Blind is a pioneer of Motion Design. As well as running Blind, Chris also has a YouTube channel called The Futur (The Futur, 2015). In some ways he is very similar to Gary Vaynerchuk since he has a very similar show where he answers questions asked by his audience, however Chris is much more specialised to motion design which is one of my main interests. He does also answer business related questions but they are almost always linked in with design since that is his field of work. Over the last few months I feel like my work has improved since I have been able to listen to Chris’s advice given to other people and apply it to myself.



To the right of my inspirations I have included some images of work that have really inspired me to keep working on my own motion design skills so that one day I’d be able to produce work to a higher quality. The work shown was designed by Fraser Davidson, co-founder of Cub Studio (Davidson, 2018) in London. His work has been very inspiring to me since it shows great design and animation together. His experience is very clear in the way acts on social media and in the podcasts that he features in.


Next, I included an area for my own work. I wanted to show this since I felt that it was necessary to show what I had been doing so much over the last year. My main focus has been on branding animation/motion graphics. Freelancing over the last year has allowed me to improve my own craft and knowledge to help me get a better idea of what I want to do as a career. I started out working with YouTube channels but have recently transitioned to working with small start-ups to help me get a wider variety of work to put on my portfolio. I also included the logos of the software that I have worked with over the year since I felt that it would be important to show both the final result and the skills I have learnt.

Myers Briggs


Myers Briggs is a personality test that helps show which kind of personality you have and what some of your common traits might be. The purpose of the task is to get a better understanding of who we are and what kind of job would suit us best in the industry. By taking a Mayers Briggs personality test I was able to find out some more information about myself in terms what kind of personality I have and some characteristics I didn’t realise I had. The test shows results for 5 different areas labeled, mind, energy, nature, tactics and identity. Each of these show results based on the answers you gave in the test.Screenshot_3.png

What is the theory behind this?

The theory behind the test is that it will make sense of a variety of different behaviours and characteristics that are seemingly random, putting them into different categories and showing a percentage as to how you answered the questions. For example if you in the mind category, the test will show percentages that will determine whether you  are an introvert or an extrovert. The percentages in the results are calculated from the answers given in the test. I found that some of the questions were quite indirect which would show more accurate results in my opinion.

Discuss how you answered the questions. Did you answer objectively and honestly?

I feel that I answered the questions in the test honestly. I wanted to get accurate results from the test so I wanted to answer each question as I could. However I feel that the perception I have of myself and how someone else perceives me would be different due to the face that we would most likely have different opinions and experiences that would form our answer. Therefore I think the answers on the peer test will be different, and will show that I would be most suitable for a different kind of job.

What were the key characteristics of your personality type?

As mentioned before the results of the personality test is split into 5 different categories. Overall I was given the consul personality type. Under the mind category which shows how we interact with our environment, I was given 67% extraverted and 37% introverted. This surprised me since I find it easy to work alone over long periods of time rather than in a group of people. The next category was energy. This is used to show where we direct our mental energy. For this I was given 57% for observant.  I thought this was accurate since I prefer to learn by observing what other people do and then improving on what I am doing. For nature I was I was given 68% for feeling. This shows that I make decisions and cope with emotions by feeling rather than putting thought into the situation. This surprised me since I feel that I would have had the opposite result. In the tactics category I was given 69% on judging. This shows that I make decisions by judging the situation rather than analysing what is important. This also surprised me as I thought I was a logical thinker. The last section was identity which shows our confidence in our abilities and decision making. For this I was given 51% for turbulent and 49% for assertive. These are very close figures so I am unsure what kind of result this is showing.

How accurately do your results reflect your own assessment of your personality and how others perceive you?

Overall I think the test was mostly accurate. I have found that I do sometimes base my decision making on the fact that I like to keep other people happy. However I was surprised with the nature and tactics sections of the test. In my opinion these were inaccurate since I feel that I am a logical thinker and don’t really let my emotions affect my decision making despite going out of my way to keep other people happy.

Did you learn anything about yourself that you never considered before?

The mind section suprised me most, giving me a result of 63% extraverted. I thought that I would have been an introvert since I often like working alone and tend to not work as well in groups. However I think that in a workplace environment this would be different since there would be other people who knew more than me about parts of the work that I would not be confident with, so the result could be more accurate than I think.

Do you agree with this theory and test? Why?

I do mostly agree with the test since I do like to make sure that people are happy and that their perception of me is generally as good as I can make it. However I do think that the nature and tactics sections that I mentioned before are inaccurate and don’t really represent me that well. I feel that I should have been given the opposite results since I can’t really compare myself with the kind of thinking that the test said I had.

Does your profile indicate you would be suited or unsuited to particular industries or vocations?

This particular kind of test is quite interesting since it can give an insight into what kind of career path is most suited for you. From the results I got, I think that a freelancing role would be a suitable option for me. This is because they are in a position where they must be thinking about how they are seen by employers and people they are going to work with. As well as this they must be good at keeping to deadlines and observant of what is needed of a project. These were some of the characteristics that I was able to take from the results of my test.

Do your results indicate any areas of personal/ social development relevant to your personal and career progression?

As mentioned before I feel that the fact that I like to keep people happy and to have a good perception of myself could work well in the kind of job I would like to work in. However I feel that if the nature and tactic sections of the test that indicate how I use emotions to make decisions are correct these are definitely areas that need to be worked on to ensure that I would be suitable to go into the kind of workplace that I would like.

Skills Timeline

Here is the design that I created. Overall, I am happy with the outcome since it shows my development throughout the time I have spent in Canterbury College. I felt that I accurately represented my journey by showing each new skill that I have learnt as well as describing what has been most beneficial to me. I am also happy that I have been able to show what I have learnt on the Digital Design course since I am able to see my development. As well as this it adds to my thinking that it was a good decision to change from Film and TV to Digital Design.


In terms of design, I’m confident that it has represented my thoughts and feelings well in that it gives a formal impression. Whilst working on the design, I wanted to include more colours to try and make the page more eye catching, however I struggled to keep its formal approach when trialling this. Another improvement that I think would have been good to include would be incorporation of gif animations. I feel like this would be a good way to highlight some of my animation work that I have done over the year, however I felt that it would be more time effective to work on a static design since using gifs would take up a significant amount of time. Despite not being able to include gif animation, I am happy with how I represented my development over the two years. I have been able to describe in comprehensive detail what I have learnt and how I have improved my skills and techniques. I also included a detailed description as to what software I had used as well as what ones I thought had been most beneficial to me.

I started by showing a screenshot from my practical work in the Film and TV Production course. I felt that this was a good point to start at since it would allow me to carry on with the timeline in chronological order. I then went onto explain what I had learnt in the Digital Design course. I described how I worked with pixel art and After Effects throughout the first year. In doing this I wanted to emphasise how much I have been able to improve my work with Photoshop and the illustration skills I now have. With each piece of text I gave screenshots to give evidence and context of what I said. I feel like I was able to implement a good balance between the text and images. Moving through the timeline, I have also described my progress during my second year at college. At the start of the year we worked with After Effects to develop an understanding of the programme. I used this opportunity to create a Pong inspired animation which showed two paddles hitting a ball back and forth. I wanted to push myself within the software, so I also incorporated some of the principles of animation to add another element of quality to the work.

After this I gave an overview of my time at Seed Animation (Seed Animation, 2002) where I had the opportunity to work on a project for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (Amazon, 2018). My time working in a studio on sight was very influential in the way I have been able to develop my work. In many ways it was a life changing experience as it gave me a huge realisation as to what working in London was like and what kind of opportunities I may be able to find in the future. Being alongside experienced freelancers also gave me the opportunity to network and learn more about the industry which I have found to be fundamental to what I know now. As well as this, I was able to speak to the Creative Directors and Producer about how I could enter the industry and work efficiently to gain a head start on other people my age.

Personal CV

To summarize my skills and experience so far, I have created a CV that I could show to a potential employer. I found that this was a great way of understanding what my strengths and weaknesses are which has prompted me to think about what I can do to improve my work in the future. I plan on updating this regularly since my focus for this summer is to work as much as I can and take as many opportunities as possible. I feel that this will put me in a good position to move forward going into University.


Dream Job Analysis


“You’re a social native – whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat! Experience in social video is a must – this stuff’s in your blood”

I feel that this is a requirement that I can meet. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat and more, I consume a substantial amount of media on a daily basis. I feel that this is important as I can easily spot trends in design and animation which allows me to adapt my work in a way that I can produce content that is effective in the context that it is used. For an advertising agency, this would be a good quality to have.
“Ability to come up with fresh visual concepts and designs”.

I think out of all of the requirements, this is an area in which I could improve in. I am confident in animating work, however I think that my design skills could be improved to meet the quality of animation I am able to produce. Despite this, I think that if I had a comprehensive brief I would still be able to successfully fulfill the role.

“Advanced skills in After Effects and Premiere as well as experience with Photoshop and Illustrator”. 

The knowledge I have with the Adobe software is one of my strongest attributes in my opinion. Through my work, I have been able to develop my understanding of each programme in a way that I am now confident in solving technical and creative problems.

“An organised and methodical approach to your work. We foster a super collaborative environment so you’re not the only one who’ll see those AE files!”
Working in a team has shown me the importance of working in an organised manner. I have now made it a habit to label, colour code and organise files in a way that is easy to understand for people who have not worked on the project. I also enjoy collaborating with others as I have found that observing other peoples techniques and work processes to be very helpful as it has shown me how I can improve my work.

“Ability to meet deadlines and execute on tasks in a fast paced environment”.
I feel that this is another requirement that I am able to meet. Through working on college and freelance projects I have been able to develop my time management skills in a way that I can now plan ahead and meet any deadlines that are set for me. In the future I plan on improving this further so that I can be more efficient with the time I have which is important when under tight deadlines.
“Ability to work in small teams as well as work independently”.  
This is an  area I would like to improve on. Although I have worked in a team, I feel it would be extremely beneficial to get more experience before applying for a job in the industry. In particular I would like to develop my communication skills within a team so that I can share my work and processes in an easier way.
“Ability to read briefs to the end”…
I am confident that I can fulfill this requirement. With my education at English GCSE I have been able to develop the skills needed to directly interpret what is said in a brief. I feel that with my knowledge of design and animation, I can take a brief and confidently develop a piece of work that could meet the requirements of a client.

Action Plan

I think to improve myself and become more employable for the roles I would like to work in, I need to focus on improving my design and communication skills. At university I will be studying motion design so I feel that my studies will help me improve in these areas, however before I start the course I plan on investing in new design books which will help me further understand how I can illustrate my ideas in a better way. In particular, I would like to focus my studies on typography as this will be an important skill that will be needed for university and future projects. I would also like to learn Cinema 4D as I feel that this would broaden my prospects within the industry. To put my targets into perspective, I have created a CV that show what I need to work on in order to be suitable for a job I would like to work in. CV 2.PNG

Internships and Work Experience

Interning at a work place can be a great way to learn about an industry. Not only does it allow you to observe and potentially take part in the production of a piece of work, but it also allows you to network and meet new people. I feel that this is crucial within the creative industry as it is a very popular field to work in and therefore knowing people within your line of work can be very beneficial. I would ideally like to work in the motion design field so I plan on getting an internship at a studio in London where I am able to observe production and meet new people within the industry.


As mentioned above, networking is a very important part of finding a job. Meeting new people gives you the opportunity to share your work and learn about the experiences of other people in the industry. In my opinion it is crucial to be active in networking, especially in the creative genre as it will allow you to build relationships which could lead to potential opportunity in the future. As well as this, networking could also be beneficial to people you know as you will be able to recommend their services to potential employers who are in need of them.


Having a positive relationship with the people you work with is another crucial part to improving your prospects and becoming a seasoned professional. References are a huge factor of the job application process as they are often used to give a good first impression from a previous employer or someone who can confidently recommend you for a job role. References are mandatory when applying for a full time position as this is gives the employer an idea of the kind of person you are and how you will work/behave at the job. However this is different for freelance as this type of work relies more on working relationships and a good reputation.

CV and Portfolio

A strong CV and portfolio is another important part of finding work in the creative industry. CV’s are used mainly for full time roles as the employer would be more interested to know about the person that you are and what kind of experience you have had in the industry. However for freelance work this isn’t as important as the work is most likely short term and you are being hired on the basis of providing just one service to the client so it is not as the employer would be making less of a commitment.

My Employability

I feel that with my skills and experience in motion design, I would be a suitable candidate for a full time/freelance position in the industry. Working freelance has given me the confidence to build client relationships and improve my communication skills when working in a team. I feel that working in a studio has been a big factor of this as it has broadened my perspective as to what opportunities I may have in the future. By September 2018 I will be living in Stratford, London so I feel that this would be another point to improve my employability.


Throughout my 2 years at college, I feel that I have had several achievements. In my opinion, my biggest achievement has been my work in London with Seed Animation. Working in a team of experienced professionals showed me exactly what working in the industry is like and what I can do to improve my prospects for the future. Upon originally contacting the studio, I did not expect a reply and definitely not an accepted application. Working and commuting to London for 3 months has shown me exactly what I am capable and pushed me to work in new ways outside of my comfort zone. This was a goal that I had never envisioned reaching before finishing college. Completing the work to a good standard has left me with a positive relationship in the studio which will be very beneficial in the future. I have also been shortlisted for the KFE design competition held at Mid Kent College. This has shown me how I need to be more active in looking for design and animation competitions to enter as there could be opportunities that I am not taking.

Future Progression

Moving forward I would like to become better at posting on social media regularly. This would help me gain more followers, allowing me to receive more feedback on the work I produce. I think posting more often could also lead me to new opportunities in terms of work prospects, which is going to be crucial for me when going to university later this year. I would like to become better at posting on social media regularly. This would help me gain more followers, allowing me to receive more feedback on the work I produce. I think posting more often could also lead me to new opportunities in terms of work prospects, which is going to be crucial for me when going to university later this year. I plan also working on my design and typography skills over the summer as I feel that this is one of my weaknesses that could be improved before going to University.

EP Pitch

Here is a link to my proposal presentation for the project overall. I shared my ideas of what I had planned for the project and I thought I could meet my targets throughout. I am happy with the outcome of the presentation and have been able to take my feedback and move forward with progression.

Before presenting my initial idea, I was confident with what I had planned and how it could inform my knowledge of the animation industry. The initial idea of the project was to create a video that would be used to introduce this year’s football world cup. I came up with the idea to produce this through working on the earlier idea generation tasks. My intention was to follow the motive of my mission statement and develop a video that would help people see the world cup through a different perspective and encourage people to support they’re national team. I was confident with the direction of the project and how I could learn throughout each stage.

End of Year Show

As a form of presentation, I will be showing my work in at a show to display my work to a wider audience of people. I plan on presenting my work within a show reel alongside other pieces of work completed by people who are on my course. I feel that this would be a great opportunity to show my work to a different audience demographic which is important as I have been thinking about how people outside of my target audience would react to the video. I think that this is important to think about as a commercial piece would be shown to a huge audience which could potentially consist of people who are not in the target demographic. Another reason why displaying my work in a show would be beneficial is because it would allow me to get feedback on the work I produced which would allow me to improve on future projects.

To help prepare for this I have thought about how I can give context to the work I produced and how I can present it in the most professional way. To ensure I can do this, I plan on developing a poster to act as marketing material for my work. I feel that this would be a good way to show my project with just a single shot; giving the display context to what I worked on and how my final piece looked. As this was to be used for print I created the document in an A2 resolution with a cmyk colour mode as this was the size that it would be printed at. I wanted to keep within my design theme of the video so I used a screenshot from my final video. I felt this would be the best way to represent what my work. I then added bold text with the name of the campaign I created. Overall I am happy with the design as it keeps within the style I originally used which would be important for a brand working within the industry.



Here is a link to my portfolio –

Over the last two years I have been using Adobe Portfolio to create my own website featuring the work I have done. I wanted to use this over Behance as I felt that it would be easier to present a website at an interview/showcase. As well as this, Behance is is a social media platform that I do not naturally use so I feel that it would not be beneficial to show my work on this platform as I would not be engaging with other creators.


Finishing the course I am very happy with how I have improved over the 2 years. I have become much more confident in working with the programs from the Adobe suite and am keen to learn more in my time at University. I feel that overall, my skills in animation have dramatically improved as this has been one of my main focuses throughout my time at college. In particular I think my eye for timing a sequence has improved which I am happy to see as this can be a difficult skill to improve. I think looking forward to University, I need to ensure that my design and typography skills need to be improved as this will be important parts of the course that I am going to be studying.

I found that looking at my CV showed me exactly what I need to do in the future to get the job I would like to work in. Through working freelance, I noticed that the experience I have does not meet the standards of the role I would like to apply for so this something I am going to address in the next year or so. I plan on working in internships at University so that I can learn as much as possible during my time in London. I think that finding more experience in the industry will give me a better perspective on how I can work within the workplace and improve myself to become a better prospect.

How has college helped in reaching my goals?

Studying at college rather sixth form worked very well for me as I was able to take the opportunities I was given whilst working on the course. For nearly the entirety of the second year I was working on freelance projects which have given me the opportunity to become self employed and work from home when not at college. I feel that this has given me a much better understanding of how the industry works. As well as this I have been able to develop client liaison skills and relationships which would have been very difficult to do had I studied at a sixth form.

How Unit 11 helped?

Unit 11 has helped me realise how much I have achieved in the last 2 years. This has helped me think about what targets I have for my time over the summer holidays and University. As mentioned before I am going to be focusing on getting more experience with clients and improving my skills in design and typography. As well as this I found that looking at full time jobs in the industry has helped me put my end goals into reality as I now have plans as to how I can achieve what I have set out to do. I plan on looking at job boards more often now as I feel that knowing which jobs are sought after will be very helpful in the future should I like to change my current career direction.


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Unit 13 – Extended Project Portfolio


Here is a link to my final portfolio –

Here is my production log –

Here is my progress tracker for my work in Unit 13 – LEARNER PROGRESS TRACKER YEAR 2

UNIT 12 – Specialist Study in Creative Media Production – Week 6

Have tried to make new blog and still unable to upload word document. Here is a Google Docs link that can be used to view and comment on the portfolio. Sorry for inconvenience!


UNIT 12 – Specialist Study in Creative Media Production – Week 3 

Motion Graphics Investigation Evaluation

Final Piece:


For me, the purpose of this project was to get a better understanding of how motion design and animation can be used to inform an audience effectively. Throughout the process I wanted to learn how and what factors of the production would have an effect on the overall quality of the final video. By looking into each part of the production stage, I would be able to know exactly could be done to ensure a high level of quality. I think this is important since informational videos are created solely to inform people and therefore cannot be perceived in the wrong way.


Before starting any of the practical work I needed to create a plan as to how how the sequence would look and what would be involved throughout. To get a better idea of what this would be, I created a diagram to generate and develop ideas. I found this was a great way to visualise what ideas would work and what wouldn’t. After doing this I created a storyboard to help me understand how the sequence would progress. This was crucial to the production of the video since it allowed me to plan for each shot throughout. I feel that without this the video would have suffered greatly.


Throughout production I created the sequence in Adobe After Effects. I chose this program as it offers the options that I needed in the video in terms of smooth animation and reliability. As well as this, After Effects is a program that I have experience using so I thought it would be very suitable for a project like this.

Starting with the logo animation that would be used at the begining and end of the video, I used a vectored version of the 2017 YouTube logo. This allowed me to seperate the logo into different layers allowing for more flexibility within the animation. I began animating the icon to scale up and move from right to left. By using masks and scaling each letter of the logo I was able to achieve the effect of the icon revealing the text. I felt that this worked well since it would give a formal Identity to the video. After doing this I used the screenshots that I had collected and imported them into the sequence. Before animating the transitions between each one I worked out how long each screenshot would need to be shown for to give the viewer an understanding of what is being said.

Post production

During post production I wanted to give the video sound since this would make the overall sequence easier to follow. Using a website that specialised in in copyrighted music, I found a track that I thought was suitable for the video. Using Premiere Pro I added the music to the sequence. I think that adding the music was crucial since it would have been very difficult to watch had there not been any audio. However when using the music I noticed that the track started and ended abruptly so I used an effect called ‘lowpass’ to fade the music in and out. Although this effect is very subtle, I found that the video was much easier to consume after this change.

What were your goals and expectations for your project?

Overall the main goal of the project was to find out how each part of the production process could be done to ensure that the video would have maximum efficiency in terms of how well informed the audience would be after watching. I wanted to implement what I had learnt into my own short production since this would allow me to improve in my own work and find out exactly what I had learnt and how I could still improve.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your project:

What went well?

By carrying out research on videos that are made specifically to inform and audience, I was able to get a much better understanding of how fast the sequence should be and the visuals used should be easy to follow and recognise. I think that doing this research allowed me to plan and time the video to ensure that the full audience would be able to understand the information that is being put across.

As well as this, the logo animation that I created to start and end the video gave a formal Impression to the video. I feel that this was a great way to set up the audience’s perspective of the video and would have immediately shown what the video is about. I think this is important, especially on a website such as YouTube as an audience retention time can be very short since there is so much content to be watched.

What creative or technical problems did you encounter?

One of the main technical problems that j faced was that the screenshots I used to show the websites layout became pixelated when scaled to high. To try and counter this problem I sharpened each screenshot I used however this did not solve the issue. I think in future projects like this I would either make sure that the screenshots are taken in a higher resolution, or I would recreate the websites layout in Adobe illustrator to ensure that the visuals are as clean as possible. I think in a real world scenario, the low quality of the screenshots would have a huge problem in terms of audience perception and could lead to people wanting to click of the video. This is because a company like YouTube is very large and should be able to post only the highest quality content. However I will now know that this could be a problem in future projects.

Discuss the creative decisions you made:

Was there a specific theme for the design ideas? Can you describe it?

Throughout the video I wanted to maintain brand continuity to ensure that the video would be formal. To do this I used the YouTube 2017 logo and found the colour scheme used throughout the websites user interface. The design used was very reliant on what had already been made for YouTube meaning that the video had a 2D format. I chose to use sleek transition’s between shots since I thought this would work well to show a new page loading.

What experiments and exploration did you do? How did it affect the development of your project? (Consider previous work, such as The Terminator remix or even work from year one).

When developing the video I wanted to create the logo animation and transitions to suit the intentions of the final piece. With this in mind I created 2-3 variations of both the logo animation and the transitions. Despite them being very similar I wanted to ensure that the final video would have animated elements that were suitable and not too distracting from the information being given.

Who is your ideal target audience for your video and why should the audience watch your video?

Overall YouTube has a huge audience, however users that are new to the website will need a way of navigating and finding new content creators. The intention of the video is to solely inform people about this subject and ensure that new users are able to find the content that they are looking for. I think the video explains the process simply enough that a large audience would understand. For this reason I think it would be suitable and would be useful for many new users looking to use the website.

Using specific examples (including screenshots and other illustrative examples), explain how the final work is appropriate for the requirements of the brief. Does it convey the information effectively?

Task 3


Throughout my research I have been able to develop a better understanding of how animation and motion graphics can be used in media to inform an audience. I feel that looking at examples of other motion graphic pieces gave me a different perspective on how the animation used is very important since it is one of the main factors as to how the video would be perceived. As well as this I found that looking at the design and format of the sequence throughout the video showed me how much planning and coordination would need to be done to ensure that the video is informs the audience in the best possible way.

The research I have done has shown me how important it is to have an easy to follow sequence with visuals that can be read simply by anyone in the target audience of the video. With this in mind I am going to create a short 30 second piece that would help show how to find new content on YouTube. After doing some research I couldn’t find any videos made by the company that explain this topic and I think it would allow me to use the research I have done to show what I have learnt and how I have developed my knowledge throughout the process. I plan on simple animated elements to show the process behind finding new content. I feel that using a slow paced sequence would be important since it YouTube has a wide audience so has to adapt for people of all needs. 

Task 2


Conduct research into audience. Who is your audience? What are the typical characteristics of your audience in terms of:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Education

  • Income

  • Interests

  • Lifestyle and attitudes

Develop at least one persona for a typical audience member/ user of your work. This should be a profile of the audience member, detailing the information set out above and including a short profile detailing their psychographic information. Ensure that you include a suitable image. This can be submitted as a character card or cards (depending on if you have more than one persona).

Compare the users of Amazon to other selling platforms such as eBay and produce a Venn diagram identifying differences and overlaps between the two platforms and their users. Evaluate what you have learned and consider how you would make your work suitable to the platforms or users.

Audience Member #1

When producing a video that is being made to inform and audience it is crucial to understand who the audience is and how the video should be adapted for maximum effectivity. To get a better understanding of how this can be done I am going to create an audience profile showing information that could effect how the people watching would perceive a video being shown to them. In the profiles I am going to explain about the demographic and psychometrics of the audience. The demographic is the measurable data that is quantitative, whereas the psychometric information is qualitative.

  • Name: John

  • Gender: Male

  • Age: 13

  • Location: London

  • Education:  Secondary School

  • Interests: Gaming, Sport

Since John is in his early teens he likes to watch YouTube videos that are based around his favourite video games and sports. Therefore he has subscribed to a large amount of YouTube channels that posts the content he likes. John watches the videos purely for entertainment purposes only. Since he watches YouTube as his primary source of entertainment it is important for him to find new content creators. I think by making a video that explains this subject in detail would be a great way to inform someone like John. 

Task 1


Identify a range of examples of digital online video and motion graphics, such as tutorials and

explainer videos:

Motion graphics in digital online video have many different uses. They can be used to illustrate ideas, inform an audience and convey a large amount of information in a way that is easy to understand. Tutorials and explainer videos often use motion graphics for these reasons since these are normally made to inform people. To get a better understanding of how these formats of online video can be produced to effectively inform an audience I have found some different examples to analyse. Although these have been made to inform an audience they were designed with different approaches in terms of style and technique.

What is the purpose of the work?

In terms of purpose, the three videos all have something in common. They have all been made to inform an audience. Starting with ‘Community standards – Facebook’, the video has been made to make people aware of what steps are being taken to remove explicit content on Facebook. I think it explains the process in great detail whilst keeping the design and animation easy to understand. This is important since Facebook has one of the largest target audiences of any company. In my opinion the video for eBay is a lot more direct than the Facebook video. Although they are similar in terms of informing people about the companies, eBay takes a different approach in that it directly tries to sell the platform to the audience. This means that the purpose of the video is to persuade potential users to buy and sell on the website.

Who is the audience for this work? Why?

The videos have been made to inform the users of the websites. However the subjects covered in the two videos are slightly different. The Facebook video covers community guidelines and how explicit posts are handled. This means that the audience watching this would already be using Facebook. Oppositely, the eBay video is showing the benefits of using the website. Therefore it has most likely been made for potential users, looking to buy or sell something online.

What is the platform? Why was this platform chosen?

The distribution of the two videos was different for several reasons. Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform which means it is a great way to reach a large amount of people. Community standards is an important subject so reaching as many people as possible would be a high priority. I believe that this is why the video was only shown on Facebook.

However eBay is different since it doesn’t have its own social platform to use and distribute content. This means that they have to use more than one way of getting the video to the customers. After doing some research I found that the video had been used on eBay’s website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I feel that this is because the video was made with the intention to solely promote the website and get more users to buy and sell products with the service.

How do the characteristics of the work (format, duration, editing, images, text, colour, motion, sound, distribution platform) make it appropriate for its purpose and audience?

In my opinion the characteristics of both videos are fairly similar. They both use flat design and colours to illustrate the information being conveyed. I think this has been intentionally done so that the videos can be seen by a large demographic. 2D graphics are often very simple  and easy to read therefore more people can understand the messga that is being put across. If 3D, more complex graphics were used the audience could become distracted from the information being put across which defeats the object of making a video to inform.

What are the key considerations when producing digital online video and motion graphics? (Consider technology, platforms, audience)

I think the main consideration when planning a video should be to fully understand who the audience is, whether the video should entertain or inform and how the audience can access the content. Without knowing exactly is watching the video and how they are accessing the information it would be very difficult to put across an important message to the viewer. 

Year 2 Digital Design: Week 4/5

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