Collage Task

The collage that I have created shows my morals, beliefs, interests and overall symbolises me as a person. I have included films that have influenced my curiosity for filmmaking and the process behind the finished product. These films are “Kingsmen The Secret Service”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Deadpool”, and “Batman, The Dark Night Rises”. These films have been very influential to me as they all tell a powerful story which is very important for a film in my opinion.

As seen in the bottom left corner of the collage, I have included a picture of ‘The Bane’, (The villain from “Batman, The Dark Night Rises”). In the same image there is a quote that reads, “You think darkness is your ally but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it”. I have included this as I feel that it symbolises the fact that hard work and patience is important when you are going through a tough time, described as the “darkness”.

Other images show filmmakers such as Casey Neistat, Tim Kellner, and Jon Ollson who are all very talented filmmakers and have sparked my interest for short films and storytelling. I particularly enjoy watching the work of Casey Neistat as he is both an original filmmaker and a great motivational speaker. I have included one of his quotes, “If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong”. This is one of my favourite quotes of his as it stresses the importance of originality. Being a motivational speaker and a filmmaker, he has found a way to combine both his interests to inspire millions with short films such as  “Make it count” and “Travel with style”.

In the top right corner shows an image of Gary Vaynerchuck (An entrepreneur and motivational speaker) with one of his most powerful quotes. “Without hussle, talent only carries you so far” is a quote that I firmly believe in and try to imitate in all aspects of my work.

Finally for the bottom right area of the collage I chose to include some work that I have produced during my time working as a logo/text animation freelance designer. I also included the logo’s of Twitter and YouTube as both social media platforms have significantly helped me advance in my animation work therefore I feel that it is necessary to include them in this collage as without them I would not have gained the experience I would have needed to get to the point that I am at now.collage

Who Am I?

For this task we were told to record a short video that would allow us to introduce ourselves and explain some of our hobbies and interests. We were told that it would be important that we have good sound quality as the video is a monologue, therefore the speech would need to be clear and direct so the audience would have a good understanding of what was being said.

During the planning process I decided that it would be a good idea to note down some topics for me to talk about so that my speech would flow well and not be interrupted. I did this before we got to the location so I had a good idea of what I was going to be talking about. Before we filmed the final version (seen below) we filmed several takes to rehearse and to prepare for any mistakes that might of effected the quality of the final version.

Looking back at the footage now I think that it would have been suitable to find a different location. This is because when we found this location we noticed that there was a low level of noise when compared to the rest of the college. Though this was needed for the task I feel that a different backdrop would have benefited the video as it would have given it a different more positive aesthetic to the video.

Favourite Film Scene

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – Escape Andy Dufrense

(SeverusSnape10, 2010)

The scene in Shawshank Redemption where Andy Defresne escapes the prison is one of the most powerful scenes in the entire movie in my opinion. With a mixture of fear, confusion and embarrassment, Frank Darabont displays the emotions of the characters who find the absence of Andy perfectly, as well as setting up each shot in the perfect angle for maximum emphasis of each emotion. Also the fact that Andy isn’t seen at all throughout the scene is very effective as it gives a sense of suspense that would not have been achieved if there had been a cut to a different shot revealing his location and state. The scene and the entire film itself has an overall message that you should never give up on something that is out of your reach which is very important in our current day.

 Photo Montage


For this task we were told to collect images of ourselves over the duration of our lifetime. We were also informed to think about the reasons as to why the images were important to us. Out of the four tasks given I found this the most difficult as I had trouble finding pictures of myself when I was younger. Until now I haven’t been particularly sentimental towards older images of myself as I thought that I had many and would never have trouble not being able to recollect my past. However when searching through an old computer I had trouble finding images of myself. Therefore all of the images shown above have a significant value to me and looking back at them now I am able to recollect some of my best childhood memories.

If I had to choose a photo that was most important to me it would be the one at the bottom left. This is because it is the oldest photo that I have of myself. Out of all of the photos I have, it is also the photo that brings back the most memories. The uniform I was wearing reminds me of the school that I went to and how nervous I was when I first started. Also I no longer live in the house that is shown in the photo, despite growing up there. This was another reason why this is the most important photo out of the collection.


SeverusSnape10 (2010) The Shawshank redemption – escape Andy Dufrense. Available at: (Accessed: 14 September 2016).