Planning and Researching

When given a project to work on in the film and media sector it is very important to have a good plan and a significant amount of research. This is because these factors are the foundation for the final product and without good preparation it is extremely difficult to execute a good quality of work. To research and prepare to the sufficient standard, it is crucial that you research thoroughly and know about every single aspect of your work. This can include the cultural background of the story to the target audience of the work. Also when planning it is important to be realistic as targets that are out of your reach are not ideal and will waste your time.

Primary and Secondary Research

There are two different types of research; primary and secondary are both effective for different reasons. Primary research is the most personal out of the two. It can include taking pictures, conducting interviews, going to different areas and anything that includes finding information therefore it is the best way to research as you find the facts by yourself and know that the information found is reliable. However it is not always possible to get primary research as it can sometimes be difficult to access. In this situation it is necessary to use secondary research. Secondary research is the opposite of primary and it allows you to use other peoples work. This means that you can use sources like the internet, books, diaries and magazines. Both research options are worth doing in all situations as it allows you to get the most information as possible which is very important for a good quality of work.


When researching for your project, it is crucial to have a good method to find the information you need. This is because it will give you a good foundation for your project and the chance of it being to a good standard. The method you use would be an example of primary research. An effective method of research would be to create a survey or a questionnaire. These are good for answering questions that the internet could not find, as well as finding large amounts of information over short periods of time. Its also a good recourse to get a better idea of what your target audience is looking for which is also very important when starting a project. Interviews are another good recourse of information. They allow you to get certain information that cannot be found on the internet such as someone’s perspective and experiences.


Having a good knowledge of what is effective when researching for a project is very useful. One of the best sources is the internet. The internet is filled with information which is very convenient when researching. Also its often easier to access than books and magazines as they can be found online in a more recognisable format. However, not all information that is found on the internet is true and a lot of it is not reliable. This means that you have to be very cautious when finding information and must read through and check what you have found. Other good sources for information are books and magazines as they are much more reliable as they have to be published and put through lengthy editing process. Although, they are limited as they do not have as much information as the internet.

Research Plan

Research plans are crucial when starting a project. It allows you to think of every single aspect of your work and prepare for any possible problems that might happen during the production process. When creating a plan you should think about how your going to find the information, what parts your going to use from it and where your going to apply it. Whilst doing this it is important to remember that you must reference every single piece of work that isn’t your own so that it is clear what work has been done by someone else.

For example, if I needed to research lighting, I would firstly think about what I needed to find out. This could include equipment used, the technicalities behind it, and how it is used effectively and ineffectively. It would also be useful to find some examples from films/TV shows that were similar to your own as it would give me a better idea of what was needed.

Next I would need to think about how I would research and where I could find the information. This would depend on how much time and recourses I had. If I had time and the opportunity I would do a lot of primary research and test the equipment I was planning on using, however if I was restricted I would search online and trust the opinions and experiences of others who have used the equipment before.

Once obtaining the information I would analyse it and highlight the parts that were of most importance and should be included/considered in the final version of the project. Then I would reference my findings and give the original creators credit as deserved.


Research is extremely important in any project and without it the foundations would not be there to support a good quality of work. Ideally it is good to have a good balance between primary and secondary research as it will give you a good variety of information. Though when restricted by time or recourses it is fine to have one or the other as it is still possible to execute a good work quality.