How to become a Director

Directors have one of the two most important job roles in the film and TV industry (the other being a producer), meaning that it is a very demanding job to fulfil. Directors are in control of everything once on location and there job is to make sure that the final product is exactly how they want it to be. This means that they are in control of the actors, editors, sound design, filming, lighting and anything else that might be needed on set and in post production. 

What skills are needed?

When having the job of a director, it is important to have several different qualities that will allow you to be successful and produce work to the standards of the public’s criteria. This means that you must be determined, confident, and respectful of all of your team and colleagues. It also means that you must have the skills, the knowledge and the patience to spend huge amounts of time on a project. Sometimes a Director can spend months if not years on a piece of work so it is crucial that you have a good vision so that you remain creative in your work and that it is exactly how you want it to be and not done with half the effort. Being a perfectionist is really one of the most important characteristics for a Director.

Another important quality to have is the power of luck. With the goal to be a Director, you can be the most hardworking, passionate individual in the industry, however if you do not have the funds, the opportunity or the contacts, it can be near impossible to achieve the dream. This is why some people go to university or college, with the idea to create contacts and connections in the sector.

How to become a Director

Becoming a professional Director for a high budget film or TV series is extremely difficult, it can take years of preparation and opportunity. However starting the process/the journey to get to that point is relatively easy. All you need is a camera and a story to tell. This is how most Directors begin and practised to get to where they are today. Although this is one of the most important things that you need to do, it is still crucial to watch as many films as possible to get the best idea of what good films are and how they are made and how badly made films are put together. Its also important that you know why a film is bad or good and how it can be improved. As said before going to university is a great way to learn new skills and make new contacts. It can also give you work experience and new opportunities that are unique to further your education.

Christopher Nolan Career Line

Christopher Nolan is one of the most prestigious Directors in the industry and is well known for his talent. When researching on IMDB I found out that he actually had a very inspirational journey to get to where he is now. Nolan started making films at the age of 7, using his fathers super 8 camera. This means that he has been involved/interested in film for nearly 40 years to this date, showing that he is clearly determined and passionate about what he does. A few years had past and then he went to university. Here he learnt the guerilla filming technique which would allow him to stretch his budget and get the most out of his money. Nolan then spent £6,000 on his first feature film, a noir thriller and got recognised at several film festivals that then gave him the recognition to fund his next project.

From this point Nolan carried on making films and putting in the hard work. In 2005 he was given the chance to revive the Batman trilogy. The film he finished with was above what was expected and has now directed three Batman films to this day, along with other high budget films such as Interstellar and Inception.


Becoming a Director of a high budget film and then fulfilling the role to a good standard can be one of the most difficult jobs out there. It is demanding and requires a huge amount of patience and determination. It takes years of hard work and passion to get to the highest point which it is why it is so difficult to get the opportunity to direct a high budget film. Though it doesn’t seem it, but it is definitely possible to get to the highest point with the right characteristics and opportunity.