Harry Bartlam – Film and TV – 16/18

Term 1: Formative Feedback

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  1. Jenni B – Formative Feedback Weeks 1-4, Units 2,3,4
    Well done Harry, these are very good posts. With a clear improvement in the work produced over these first four weeks. You have asked questions, and read my comments and applied the feedback to the benefit of the work produced. You understand that it is necessary to clearly demonstrate your understanding of each element of the task. You do this by taking good notes in class, and then applying those notes and your research to the task in hand. Your tagging is correct and you are most definitely producing good referencing. Your formative grade for this is a good pass. Now I know you will want to be getting a high pass, just keep on improving as you have done and I am sure that Task 1 Skills Portfolio will achieve the top grade when it is complete. Keep on applying examples to illustrate what you are saying, make sure you explain everything clearly so that anyone can understand


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