Task 1


Since our extended project is produced over a long period, there is a great amount of detail that needs to be considered. This means there are many different aspects of the project that need to be thought about. For example how it would fit into the industry, what equipment would be needed and how health and safety would need to be thought about before any work is produced. In this blog I am going to be explaining each aspect of the project to ensure that I have a good plan as to what is needed and how it will be produced. 

How is your industry organised/structured?

The motion graphics industry is focused mainly around advertising and the production of entertaining/informing content. It allows companies to use both graphic design and animation to show their product and intentions. The industry relies on clients needing both of these elements to be used in their videos, although since motion graphics is so widely used they are needed on a very regular basis. Once a brief has been made and the client knows exactly what is needed a freelancer or an agency would be contacted to produce the work.

Since motion graphics are often used as a form of advertisement, they need to be suitable for distribution on more than one platform. For example, a commercial could be made for use on the company’s social media and as an introduction to a video on their website. This kind of information would be established early on in the project since this will change depending on the client’s needs (Creative Skillset, 2017) .

Related image
(Perú.com, 2017)

Where and when the advertisement would be shown is crucial since the demographic would change depending on these variables. If the advertisement were to be shown on TV, the content included would need to apply to both children and adults since the age would vary dramatically throughout. However if it were to be shown on a website strictly for adults, the advert would be significantly different.

Another part of the production process that must be respected is the use of guidelines and rules. These must be followed since they prevent work from being stolen, misleading the audience, untruthful, and dishonest (Marketing and advertising: the law – GOV.UK 2017) . In my opinion these regulations are very important since they keep the industry fair and filled with unique work and ideas. As well as this, it is fair to the customers or the audience who view the adverts. Since the regulations force companies to be truthful in their adverts, it allows them to gain the customers trust much easier, which is hugely important when selling a product or service. These guidelines are also used in other industries to protect people’s work and ideas.

How does your work fit within this organisational structure?

My project will consist of both a study on motion graphics and a short practical piece to show what I have learnt throughout. In the study I will explore how motion graphics can be used to convey meaning, allowing me to get a better understanding as to how the main message or moral of the content can be comprehensively shown and to a good standard. I feel that if I can improve my understanding of this I will be able to use my findings from this and apply what I have learnt to future projects. With this in mind I am going to create a short animated advertisement as a concept for a company that will use what I have learnt. I plan on making keeping this fairly short but long enough to show what I have learnt so around 15 – 30 seconds long. I will also do a shorter research report on the chosen brand that will help me produce the advert.

In terms of how this will fit in with the industry, I feel that both parts of the project could both be used in the industry. I plan on making the study very comprehensive, exploring different parts of the motion graphics industry and how the demographic of the content will change the intentions of the production team. With this in mind, the study will be very beneficial for people who are also interested in motion graphics and would like to get a better understanding of the semiology behind them. It could also be of use to a company who are looking into having a motion graphics piece made for their brand and need to know how they can benefit most from the content. This means that it would most likely be used as an education resource or article.

However the final part of the project would have a different use. Since it is a concept piece, I am going to create it as if it were to actually be used. Therefore I will also be doing the planning work behind it such as creating mood boards and animatics. These would also be included since they are a significant part of the planning process and would show the client that the project is going in the right direction. The initial idea in doing this part of the project is to try and keep as close as possible to what would be expected in a real world environment. With this in mind I am going to contact the company before and after the project has been completed to try and find feedback on what had been done. Also, I will use this part of the project on my portfolio and showreel so I feel that even if I can’t find feedback from the company it has been made for, it will still benefit me since it can be shown as experience.

Explain whether your work is independent or mainstream?

The context of this project includes both information that could be used in both the independent and mainstream media. Motion graphics are used very widely since it is a great format of showing a brand and its intentions. This means that motion design is used in both areas since it is needed many different types of media. As well as

(Frei, 2017)

advertising, motion graphics are also used in videos, particularly online which means that it is in huge demand. For example, a freelance motion designer could be contacted to created the animations used alongside a video footage for an independent game trailer, however the same person could be used within a team of designers to produce a full advertising campaign. Above is an image showing an example of that.

Provide examples of organisations that would:

Produce/publish your work and why?

In terms of production, motion design would be produced in an animation studio or by a freelancer. In recent years, bigger companies like Apple and Samsung have begun to create their own teams that would specialise in creating motion graphics to accompany the marketing campaigns. This would have been organised to save time and increase the quality of work produced. However motion graphic pieces are normally produced by freelancers or design studios. Studios work in a variety of different ways, having freelancers who come in working in part time roles or to have full time employees working for the studio permanently. Studios like Buck, Cub Studio, Blind and ManvsMachine would most likely have full time employees since they are the bigger studios in the industry, however I feel that the smaller studios would have a smaller amount of full time placements and more freelancers since they would have less work to take on. However, publishing the end product would be organised by the client, or company’s marketing team.

Distribute the work and how it would be done?

The work done would be distributed by the client. This could involve them putting it on their social media, website or where the agreed location for it is. Since motion graphics are often used for advertisements, they can be reused for a certain period whilst the product or brand is being marketed to the public. Although the end location would dictate the nature of the project, the final piece of work could be used for more than one piece of marketing. For example this could include Google Adsense advertisement, billboards, festivals, conventions and more.

How would it be regulated?

The final advertisement would be regulated by a different organisation under different guidelines depending on where it would be shown. Here in the UK, advertisements are regulated by ASA. The Advertising Standards Alliance is an organisation that regulates advertisements in all types of media, such as TV and radio spots, online ads, commercial

(Advertising Practice, 2017)

email, text, posters and billboards. This means they have full control over what is shown to the public and are able to remove any advertisements that aren’t suitable. For example, the ASA would deal with an advert that is misleading the public. This is against the guidelines and could potentially result in the advert being removed.

Is it for a niche/mainstream audience?

Motion graphics are made for mainstream audiences in most cases. This is because they are mainly used to help advertise a product or idea and are often published alongside other formats like using video footage and cgi animation. Despite not being the main piece of content in most situations they are used very frequently, particularly in the advertising industry. Another reason why motion graphics is normally used for mainstream media is because motion design can be very complicated process in terms of production. This means that advertising campaigns can be very expensive which is not feasible in most niche/independent sources of media.

Task 2

Motion graphics production is often a very difficult process since it is a combination of many different skills and techniques including graphic design, illustration, animation and sound design. This means that it can be a very demanding needing a high quality piece of hardware and equipment to achieve a good level of work and efficiency. After planning, production and post production the entire process requires a wide variety of equipment including consumables, hardware, peripherals, software, and services.


One of the most important pieces of hardware needed for a motion graphics project is a high quality computer with a good processor, RAM, graphics card and storage. This will allow for fast and high resolution rendering (exporting) which is one of the most time consuming parts of the entire process. It will also allow the needed software to run smoothly which is another crucial part of the motion design production process. Another important part needed for the production is a monitor or screen to use. Although this doesn’t need to be the highest spec, it is still important to have a HD quality since the screen has to show an accurate representation as to what is being made.

As well as a computer and monitor, a working internet connection would be needed since it is important to find inspiration for work, especially if a certain style is needed. There are many other reasons why internet would be needed such as communicating with the client and or the production team, researching, and for any other information needed throughout the project.

Another aspect of production to account for is sound design. Since part of my project would include sound design, I would also need to invest in a high quality speaker and microphone. Headphones would also be needed to make sure that the playback is good enough whilst being recorded. It’s also possible that I’ll need a camera since part of my project will be to produce a short advert. Although the main portion of the advert with be of a motion graphics format, I think that it would still be important to use a some video footage since this would allow me to show what I have learnt throughout the year and how I can seamlessly use both alongside each other. Since part of the advert needs a camera, it would also be necessary to invest in a tripod and or a stabilization rig.


For a motion graphics project the software used would depend on the style and context of work needed. However since it is such a broad industry, there is a huge variety in the software that can be used. One of the most commonly used groups of programs is the Adobe Creative Package. This includes Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Desktop, Audition and more. Throughout the entire process, I feel that each of these programs would be used since they have been made to help enhance the creative procedure. Photoshop would be mostly used within the planning process since it could easily be used to create storyboards, animatics and moodboards. These are crucial and will be the foundation for the project. Photoshop could also be used to create assets for the production although I feel that Illustrator would be most effective for this. Before actually beginning the animation it would be important to have the necessary assets for the project. In most cases this would be done in Illustrator since it is a vector based software and can be saved into a format ready to be imported to an animation program. Since the assets are vector based, there is more freedom when animated since the quality will stay the same regardless of the resolution. Below is an image that shows the main programs that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Image result for adobe creative suite programs
(Bearded Coffee Monkey, 2017)

In terms of programs and software for the animation process, there are several options. For 2D animation the best choice of software would be to use Adobe After Effects. This is a program that has been developed with the intentions of enhancing 2D animation production. Since this is the main purpose of it there is very little 3D animation input, however in recent years techniques have been developed to substitute the three dimensional perspective with 2D shapes. Although this can only be used for basic sequences. If 3D animation is the main intention of the project, software like 3ds Max or Cinema 4d would be the best option. This is because they can render three dimensional compositions, and animate all within one program. Oppositely 3ds Max and Cinema 4d can be used to mimic 2D animation with the use of shading and texturing. Animation can also be done within Photoshop and Flash, however these only cater to cel animation which is a less common format within the motion graphics industry.

Finally the last programs that would be needed in post production are an editing and sound design software. This can include Premiere Pro, Fl studio, Audition, Final Cut Pro or Avid. Audacity is another program that could be used for sound design, although I feel that it wouldn’t be the best option in terms of time efficiency and workflow. This part of the project wouldn’t be as demanding on the software since the program would only have to piece together the sequence of animation and the sounds recorded/found. However for any other project like video editing this would be different.


For a project of this kind there are many peripherals that are needed to help the hardware work to the best quality. Starting with the computer, a working mouse and keyboard would be needed as a minimum for any creative project. However for a project of this kind there are other pieces of technology that need to be used together in order to get to the final product. The computer and monitor would need to have the appropriate wiring for them to function properly as well as sound cables to attach the speakers into the setup. Another part of the project that would need to be acquainted for is the

Image result for peripherals
(Advertising Practice, 2017)

planning process. I feel that using pen and paper for this is the best option since it is the fastest way of noting ideas which is important. To record this, a scanner would also be needed since the evidence would need to be shown of how the ideas have progressed throughout the project. As well as this the camera setup would also need to be considered, therefore any memory cards, batteries and audio wiring would need to be sorted before production.

Suitable Equipment

Starting with the computer, it is important to keep in mind what is needed for a motion graphics project. The main areas to focus on would be to ensure that it has a good processor and graphics card. This will allow for a good workflow which is important in the creative field. Another important aspect to think about is storage and ram. Particularly in motion graphics these are crucial since they allow the machine to work to

DELL XPS 8920 Desktop PC
(Currys, 2017)

its full potential. As well as this, project files and other variations of the work done can take up a significant amount of space. Therefore with this in mind I think that the DELL XPS 8910 Desktop PC, would be a good choice since it is fitted with a very powerful graphics card, processor and storage unit. This is priced at £999 in Currys. Although it is somewhat expensive, it is the main piece of equipment needed to produce motion design. As well as this, it comes ready equipped with a mouse and keyboard.




SAMSUNG S24F356 Full HD 24" LED Monitor
(Currys, 2017)

After the actual the desktop, I think the monitor would be another important part of the setup to think about. Although it isn’t necessary to have the most high tech screen, it is still important to have a good quality since you need to know exactly how your work looks. I think that the SAMSUNG S24F356 Full HD 24″ LED Monitor would be suitable for a motion design project since it has a good 1080p resolution whilst at a good definition of quality. This is priced at £129 in Currys.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Package is another crucial part of the setup. Although there are alternatives to this, the Creative Cloud offers very high quality software that have been developed especially for creative use. Motion design is significantly easier and more time effective when some of the programs from the package can be used. For a business account, the entire package will cost £60 per month.

Since a big aspect of motion design is to know about animation and movement, it is a good idea to have a camera to record footage to help referance what is being animated. Despite it only being used for reference, in some projects the footage could be used in the final piece so the quality would need to be of a good quality. In my opinion, the Canon 700D would be a good choice since it offers a good quality whilst still being much cheaper than other cameras of the same build and standard. This camera also comes with a battery pack and 18 – 55mm lens so the initial price is £450.

Lastly I think that it would be feasible to invest in a Mega account. Mega is a file transferring website that allows you to easily send work to other people. This can be done by uploading a file to the website and then sending a link to the occupant, allowing them to download the file. Out of all the options I found that this is the best since it offers the most storage and doesn’t take up any storage on the computer. Mega accounts are free and offer 50gb of online storage. However accounts can be bought that offer the option for much larger files and transfers. This would be used for sending drafts and variations of the work to the client, ready for feedback.

What is available to me?

Since I do motion design work in my own time, I have been able to invest in equipment that is similar to what has been shown above. Therefore I have a computer, monitor, camera, software and the peripherals needed for the project. I feel that this will allow me to get the most of the project since I will have the opportunity to work both from home and at college. Since I have had access to this for a while, I am also confident with how to use the equipment which will allow me to be as effective as possible.

Task 3

For my project I am going to be producing a study on how to convey meaning through motion graphics, with a focus on advertising. As a part of the study I plan on creating a very short concept advert that would allow me to show and implement my findings. I feel that this project would be interesting to three different demographics of people. Since there are two main parts to it, the target audience is broad since some parts of the work will apply to different people. The first part of my project will be the main study. This will be very comprehensive and will go into great detail on the topic. I think that this would be most interesting to those who are also interested in motion design and would like to better understand the semiology behind it. The last part of the project is slightly different since this is the practical piece. However since it is an advert it will need to apply to two different demographics, the brand and intentions of the company and the audience.

Audience Profiles

Since there are three different audiences that would find my project interesting, I am going to create profiles of four different people. This will allow me to show exactly the kind of people who would be interested in the work I set out to do. I feel that this would also give me a better understanding of the audience I should be adapting my work for. Another reason why I think this is effective is because knowing the target audience is crucial when marketing your product in the real world, therefore I feel like this should be something I begin to work with now. In the profiles I am going to explain about the demographic and psychometrics of the audience. The demographic is the measurable data that is quantitative, whereas the psychometric information is qualitative. When producing the profiles I have considered my research from websites like YouGov and Redsofalondon.com Unknown (2017).

  • Name: Tom
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Location: London
  • Income: £13,000
  • Education: University
  • Occupation: Freelance Motion Designer

Since Tom is in university and in a very heavily populated area, he struggles to find work. Therefore he chose to work as a freelance Motion Designer since he would be able to apply what he had learnt from his education into the real world. As well as this he is able to gain more experience and improve his portfolio. However the salary isn’t a high amount considering his area and has to live on a strict budget. Tom is socially aware and knows that the work he puts in will one day pay off since he will be able to get a permanent job with a better salary and benefits. The reason why he would find my project interesting is because he wants to get a better understanding of semilogy in motion graphics, making my study very beneficial.

  • Name: Megan
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Location: London
  • Income: £20,000
  • Education: University
  • Occupation: Junior Motion Designer

Megan has graduated from University and has now got a permanent job in an animation studio. An advertising job has come in recently and she has been given the opportunity to work on the job. To prepare and plan for what is needed she has decided to research the matter so she can get a better understanding as to how she can give the most value to her team. Megan is a positive and optimistic person so has no problem in doing the theory work behind the final product. Since she lives in a busy city full of young aspiring creative people, she knows she has to put in the work to be able to progress in her industry, therefore she hates wasting time. I think that my study would be perfect since will be comprehensive and suited for advertising.

  • Name: Jason
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Location: London
  • Income: £72,000
  • Education: University
  • Occupation: Creative Director

Jason is proud of his recognised position in his advertising agency. He has created his own organisation based off the dream of being able to work for himself and have his own team. Since he is the Creative director, he has the opportunity to live a nice lifestyle being able to invest in the best brands. He provides for his family and is often looking for ways to improve the team he works with. I feel that he would be interested more in the practical part of my study since it would allow him to get a better idea of the kind of work people of my age are producing. As well as this, it would allow him to also plan and possibly think about what kind of projects could be given to an intern or junior designer.

  • Name: Emily
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Location: London
  • Education: Secondary School

Emily studies media  in secondary school and wants to look at how adverts would be created. She wants to get a better understanding as to how someone would plan to get the final outcome with moodboards, storyboards and animatics. Emily is very interested in animation and would love to do something within that industry as a career. She aspires to have a good job and knows that her hard work will pay off. Therefore I feel that the planning and production I put into my final piece will interest people who are similar to Emily.

Task 4

I feel that this project can be directly linked into the work done in the industry. The main focus of the project is to learn about motion design which has a use in any kind of company or organisation. With this in mind there are a variety of different job roles that could be taken with the right amount of experience and expertise within the motion design field. There are two main routes that can be taken which are freelancing and a fixed position. Both are equally difficult to start in, however they have different benefits and salaries. A Motion Design Freelancer would be working with many different companies and brands throughout the year, however the fixed position would mainly be working alongside one organisation. However in a fixed position there are more opportunities and roles that could be worked towards like Senior Motion Designer and Creative Director.

Motion Designer Requirements

After doing some research I found that a Motion Designer will have a variety of roles and responsibilities. One of the main patterns that I noticed through my research was that the person in the role would need to have a very good understanding of the software. The main programs needed were Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4d. Other responsibilities involved maintaining brand continuity, adapting to different means of marketing such as social media, TV and billboards. As well as this there were many personal attributes needed like being able to work in a team, communicating with the client, and more. Depending on the role and salary, I also noticed that the amount of experience needed varied from 2 – 5 years in the industry.

One of the most interesting motion designers that I found was Matthew Encina. Matthew is a motion designer who is based in Los Angeles. He currently works at Blind, a design and animation studio. During his career he has worked with brands like Microsoft, Coldplay and HPP. Another motion designer that I find interesting is Fraser Davidson. He works as a Motion Designer at co founded Cub Studio based in London. Fraser and his team has worked with a variety of different brands such as HSBC, UEFA, Facebook and more.

Creative Director Requirements

A Creative Director is more of a managerial role in the design industry. They are in charge of what kind of work is taken on and decide what is best in production. This means that they are entirely responsible for the organisation since they are the decision maker in the entire process. After doing some research I noticed that these kind of roles are for the more senior creatives. Since there is more responsibility, the occupant must have all of the personal attributes to be suitable for the role. These include open, curious, ready to help and ambitious. As mentioned before Matthew Encina is  Motion Designer in the design studio, Blind. He also works as a Creative Director alongside Greg Gunn. Matthew and Gregg will be responsible for all of the creative projects that enter and leave the studio. This means that it is almost entriely down to them that the work done is of the right quality and will give a great amount of value to the client.

Producer Requirements

A producer in the creative industry would also be responsible for a number of different things. Firstly they would be working at scale, ensuring that everyone has the correct equipment, and any other needs filled. They would also be responsible for project timelines, making sure that all work done is on time and to the standards of the creative director and managing body. Again they would also need to communicate to the client to make sure that the brief is completely understood.

Task 5

Since there are two parts to the project, there are a wide variety of legal requirements that I must consider and abide by. The main one of these is the copyright act. This has been implemented to stop people from stealing work and ideas. As well as this it allows creators to have security over their work since they can prosecute anyone who attempts to use their work without consent.


In this project copyright will play a big part in how I produce work. I will need to make sure that I do not breach any of the guidelines that have been set in the copyright act since that would make the project useless as I wouldn’t be producing my own work, or

(Currys, 2017)

learning anything. Furthermore it would be illegal to take someone else’s work or ideas. During the project I will be doing a written study and a practical piece. This means that I will reference all of my research and sources so that all of the original owners are given the deserved credit. As well as this I will ensure that any other material such as music or images are not copyrighted. Since this is a student project for educational purposes, I will also make sure that the audience knows that it isn’t commercial work. I’ll do this by adding my name and the name of the college. To ensure that I’m not breaching any guidelines I will also ask for permission if I do need to use any copyrighted material. I will then use the reply from the original owner as evidence in the case that any of the work used is asked about.

Health and Safety

Although this project is almost entirely produced on a computer, there are still some risks that need to be thought about to ensure that there aren’t any problems throughout the process. Since it is nearly entirely based through computer work, there could be a risk of eye strain, or carpal tunnel. These are two common side effects of using computers and can be avoided by taking regular breaks and or by making sure that you are comfortable whilst working. In my opinion I think this would be a low to medium risk since they are problems that can be easily avoided. Another problem that might occur is the possibility of tripping over wires connected to the hardware or sound recording equipment. To stop this it would be a good idea to make sure that all cables are managed properly and are organised tidly. Again I feel that this is a low to medium risk. One last risk that I think would be worth thinking about is to be aware of the surroundings when recording reference footage/video for the final piece. This can be done by asking if it is ok to record in that area and making sure that everything is safe before recording.

Project Requirements

Throughout the project I will need to use a variety of different skills and techniques. Firstly I’ll be writing the study, therefore I will need to use Microsoft Word, and or Google Docs for the write up. These would be the best option since they are the most effective and reliable out of all of the other options. I will also need to use the internet to research and find sources to support the entire project.

The practical task will be much more complex in terms of skill and techniques used. Firstly I will be using many different programs to piece together the concept advertisement. I plan on mainly using the Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Photoshop and Illustrator would be used to plan and produce any of the assets needed for the video. I feel like these would be suitable since I have used them many times before and know that they are reliable and effective. As well as this they work very well with the other programs I plan on using since they can easily import other project files allowing for more freedom in production. After Effects will be used for animating each shot within the advert. This will be the main part of the production process since animation can take a lot of care and attention to get to a high quality standard. Then once I have each shot done, I will be able to piece together the sequence to create the final advert.

Another part of the practical side of the study will include the use of camera work. I will be recording footage to be used as reference and in the final advert. I feel that it would be interesting to see how I can merge both animation and real life footage. This means that I will need to think about lighting, composition, and how the two formats would work together. I plan on using natural lighting so the only equipment I would need for this is a camera, microphone and any other peripherals to make the process work properly.


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