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Year 2 Digital Design: Week 1


Throughout week 1 we were given some different tasks to help us get a better idea of the progress we had made at college so far and what we would like to do in the future. Firstly we were asked to create a timeline showing a progress throughout year 1. In my opinion this helped me get a better idea of how much I have done in the last year and how much time I have to improve my work even more to get to the standard I would like to be at for university. As well as this we were asked to complete another ‘Who Am I?’ task to see how we had changed since the beginning of last year, in terms of who we are influenced and inspired by. I thought this was interesting to see the changes in my work from last year to now. The last task we were given was to complete a personality test and think about what the results could mean and how they could help develop a plan for what kind of job we would like to go into in the future.

Who Am I?

who ami i.png

Progression Timeline


Personality Test


What was the purpose of the task?

The purpose of the task is to get a better understanding of who we are and what kind of job would suit us best in the industry. By taking a Mayers Briggs personality test I was able to find out some more information about myself in terms what kind of personality I have and some characteristics I didn’t realise I had. The test shows results for 5 different areas labeled, mind, energy, nature, tactics and identity. Each of these show results based on the answers you gave in the test.

What is the theory behind this?

The theory behind the test is that it will make sense of a variety of different behaviours and characteristics that are seemingly random, putting them into different categories and showing a percentage as to how you answered the questions. For example if you in the mind category, the test will show percentages that will determine whether you  are an introvert or an extrovert. The percentages in the results are calculated from the answers given in the test. I found that some of the questions were quite indirect which would show more accurate results in my opinion.

Discuss how you answered the questions. Did you answer objectively and honestly?

I feel that I answered the questions in the test honestly. I wanted to get accurate results from the test so I wanted to answer each question as I could. However I feel that the perception I have of myself and how someone else perceives me would be different due to the face that we would most likely have different opinions and experiences that would form our answer. Therefore I think the answers on the peer test will be different, and will show that I would be most suitable for a different kind of job.

What were the key characteristics of your personality type?

As mentioned before the results of the personality test is split into 5 different categories. Overall I was given the consul personality type. Under the mind category which shows how we interact with our environment, I was given 67% extraverted and 37% introverted. This surprised me since I find it easy to work alone over long periods of time rather than in a group of people. The next category was energy. This is used to show where we direct our mental energy. For this I was given 57% for observant.  I thought this was accurate since I prefer to learn by observing what other people do and then improving on what I am doing. For nature I was I was given 68% for feeling. This shows that I make decisions and cope with emotions by feeling rather than putting thought into the situation. This surprised me since I feel that I would have had the opposite result. In the tactics category I was given 69% on judging. This shows that I make decisions by judging the situation rather than analysing what is important. This also surprised me as I thought I was a logical thinker. The last section was identity which shows our confidence in our abilities and decision making. For this I was given 51% for turbulent and 49% for assertive. These are very close figures so I am unsure what kind of result this is showing.

How accurately do your results reflect your own assessment of your personality and how others perceive you?

Overall I think the test was mostly accurate. I have found that I do sometimes base my decision making on the fact that I like to keep other people happy. However I was surprised with the nature and tactics sections of the test. In my opinion these were inaccurate since I feel that I am a logical thinker and don’t really let my emotions affect my decision making despite going out of my way to keep other people happy.

Did you learn anything about yourself that you never considered before?

The mind section suprised me most, giving me a result of 63% extraverted. I thought that I would have been an introvert since I often like working alone and tend to not work as well in groups. However I think that in a workplace environment this would be different since there would be other people who knew more than me about parts of the work that I would not be confident with, so the result could be more accurate than I think.

Do you agree with this theory and test? Why?

I do mostly agree with the test since I do like to make sure that people are happy and that their perception of me is generally as good as I can make it. However I do think that the nature and tactics sections that I mentioned before are inaccurate and don’t really represent me that well. I feel that I should have been given the opposite results since I can’t really compare myself with the kind of thinking that the test said I had.

How can you use this information to support your personal and career progression?
Does your profile indicate you would be suited or unsuited to particular industries or vocations?

This particular kind of test is quite interesting since it can give an insight into what kind of career path is most suited for you. From the results I got, I think that a freelancing role would be a suitable option for me. This is because they are in a position where they must be thinking about how they are seen by employers and people they are going to work with. As well as this they must be good at keeping to deadlines and observant of what is needed of a project. These were some of the characteristics that I was able to take from the results of my test.

Do your results indicate any areas of personal/ social development relevant to your personal and career progression?

As mentioned before I feel that the fact that I like to keep people happy and to have a good perception of myself could work well in the kind of job I would like to work in. However I feel that if the nature and tactic sections of the test that indicate how I use emotions to make decisions are correct these are definitely areas that need to be worked on to ensure that I would be suitable to go into the kind of workplace that I would like.


Project Portfolio

Year 1 Portfolio / Draft 1 (15/6/17) – Completed written work for project proposal and chapters 1 and 2, need to add images/videos.

Year 1 Portfolio / Draft 2 (23/6/17) – Completed all written work apart from chapter 5. Need to still proof read and add images/videos to support work.

Here is the final project portfolio –

Here is a link to a word version – Year 1 Portfolio

Link to updated word document 7/7/17 – Year 1 Portfolio 2


Digital Design: FMP – Week 5


My project is going to consist of a study that explores how motion design can be used in advertising to create a sense of meaning. In doing this I want to get a better understanding of how advertisements can be made unique to get someone’s attention. I feel that learning about this will be very beneficial for me since I would like to have a career in the motion design field and know that something like this is something that will be very valuable when producing a marketing campaign. The idea of producing a study surrounding this has come from a hobby and interest in motion design. I have created many animation/motion design projects throughout the last year and would like to get a better perspective of the semiology behind design, particularly something that would be seen in an advertisement. Since I have experience in doing the practical work I am confident with the software, skills and techniques I may need to use. With this in mind I have planned to create a conceptual advert for a product with the findings of of my research. Considering the time frame of this project I am going to keep the sequence to a short limited time of around 15 – 45 seconds. However I am very interested in the semiology behind it and haven’t had the opportunity to get a better understanding of it until now.

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Digital Design: FMP – Week 4


During this blog post I am going to be producing a literature review showing each source I am going to use to research and find information to support my study. I plan on organising my sources into a thematic structure since I think I will benefit by having each sources sorted into groups depending on the topics they are about. As well as this it will allow me to save time since I will be able to navigate through the essay and find the sources I am looking for easily. I feel that this is important since this will be used as a guide for my research which is a crucial part of the study. As well as listing each source I am going to analyse each one, allowing me to get a better understanding of the sources I am using, as well as what does and doesn’t need to be used throughout the study. Again this will allow me to be more effective with my time.

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Digital Design: FMP – Week 3

Task 1


Since our extended project is produced over a long period, there is a great amount of detail that needs to be considered. This means there are many different aspects of the project that need to be thought about. For example how it would fit into the industry, what equipment would be needed and how health and safety would need to be thought about before any work is produced. In this blog I am going to be explaining each aspect of the project to ensure that I have a good plan as to what is needed and how it will be produced.  Continue reading “Digital Design: FMP – Week 3”

Digital Design: FMP – Week 2

Worked on project proposal and presentation

Digital Design: FMP – Half Term


I joined Digital Design to explore how I could improve my skills and experiment as to how I could develop my interests. I wanted to give myself a different perspective and try new software and techniques. My main intention was to study motion design, analysing how it could be used and what pathway I’d like to pursue as a career. Motion Design is my main interest since it is a combination of both graphic design and animation. I’m particularly interested in branding and how videos can be used to sell products and show purpose. By joining the course I feel that I have been able to comprehensively experiment with new skills and software to strengthen my skills. As well as this I think that the work I have done over the last few months has impacted on my own personal projects since I have been able to apply what I have learnt to my work. This has allowed me to progress and gain new opportunities which was the overall goal from joining the course.

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To plan and generate ideas for tyh create a timeline showing our journey in our course so far. It would need to represent us and our thoughts on our development as well as show the skills and techniques that we had learnt. I felt that it would be important to keep the layout visible, with a good balance between text and images. I also wanted to give the timeline a formal visual style since I feel that it is important to set a good impression. Since I moved course at the start of 2017 I wanted to show my thought process behind my decision and how it benefited me.

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Digital Design – Week 9: Evaluation

General Project Based Questions

  • Describe your project

This term we have created a 2D, Indie, side scrolling, pixel art based game from scratch. We were given a criteria in the first week that we would need to follow throughout the development of the game. For our criteria, we were given a random character and time period that we would need to incorporate into a suitable plot for the game. Each group would need to work together to create a synopsis of the game. Our group was given Ada Lovelace, a significant figure in the history of computer programming and Ancient Egypt. Throughout the term we would need to create all the assets needed for the game as well as researching each element to get the highest quality in the end result. This included sprite design, animation, environment design, sound design and GameMaker programming.

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